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Joanne Susi

"My life is separated into before and after. Before, I was a Senior Clinical Research Associate assisting in clinical trails with CAP working with Dana Farber, Tufts, Johns Hopkins, and others in Cancer research. Now I am a survivor and lucky to be alive". Read Kristin's story

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ACBIS Certification

The Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists (ACBIS) offers a voluntary national certification program for both direct care staff and professionals working in brain injury services. ACBIS provides the opportunity to learn important information about brain injury, to demonstrate learning in a written examination, and to earn a nationally recognized credential.

Certification is based on the content of the Essential Brain Injury Guide training manual, which covers the following topics:

  • Incidence and epidemiology of brain injury
  • Continuum of services
  • Brain anatomy and brain-behavior relationships
  • Functional impact of brain injury
  • Effective treatment approaches
  • Children and adolescents with brain injury
  • Health and medical management
  • Family issues
  • Legal and ethical issues

Certification is not restricted to any one profession or discipline, rather it is for anyone who delivers services specific to brain injury. 

Applicants must have had 500 hours of currently verifiable direct contact experience with an individual or individuals with brain injury in order to be eligible to take this exam.

All who submit this general interest form will receive two weeks’ advance notice of a training workshop before registration is available to the general public.  Space is limited to the first 50 individuals whose applications have been approved by the Brain Injury Association of America.

Please click the button below if you would like to be included in this opportunity.

Questions? Contact Beth Pusey, BIA-MA Education Manager, at or call 508-475-0032.