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ACBIS Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS) Test Preparation Course

The Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts (BIA-MA) is offering a seven-week recorded test preparation course for the Academy of Brain Injury Specialist (ACBIS) Certified Brain Injury Specialist Certification (CBIS). ACBIS offers the CBIS certification for direct care staff and professionals working in brain injury services. The ACBIS CBIS certification has been widely recognized and respected for many years in the field of brain injury.

Application Fee: Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS) – Members $500, Non-members $525

The application fee includes: The Essential Brain Injury Guide 5.0 Edition, The Essential Brain Injury Guide Study Companion, ACBIS CBIS application and exam cost, administrative help with submitting your online application, 90-day access to the seven training recordings (beginning May 2, 2022), access to our training facilitator via email, live question-and-answer sessions, and assistance with scheduling the online CBIS exam.

Applicants are encouraged to review the material in the textbook before the beginning of the course. While participating in the course, participants should plan on reading the textbook and the workbook, and should spend a reasonable amount of time reviewing the text and material in preparation for the exam itself. Taking the course is not a pre-requisite for taking the exam but is highly advised, as the textbook is not considered to be sufficient preparation by itself for the exam. The exam preparation materials have been developed by the authors of The Essential Brain Injury Guide 5.0 Edition, along with the Essential Brain Injury Guide Study Companion. The training textbook and workbook cover all material that forms the content for the ACBIS exam. The ACBIS exam preparation course will be available at different times throughout the year via 7 recordings that will be made available.

 ACBIS requires that all applicants seeking Certified Brain Injury Specialist certification (CBIS) must meet the following criteria to be eligible:

  • Applicants must have 500 hours of currently verifiable direct contact experience with an individual or individuals with brain injury.
  • Experience can be paid employment and/or academic internship. Volunteer work and self-recovery does not qualify.
  • The qualifying experience must have included formal supervision or have been conducted while the applicant operated under a professional license. If the applicant is operating under a professional license, then he/she must be in good standing.
  • Applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent.

Determining Eligibility: After registering for our ACBIS CBIS training course, a BIA-MA staff member will contact you to fill out an ACBIS CBIS Eligibility Application. This application will be submitted to ACBIS to verify certificate eligibility prior to taking your exam. If you do not meet the ACBIS eligibility criteria, you may still take the course without completing the exam. For those that don't meet eligibility, your application fee will be returned with a $50.00 surcharge assessed.

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