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Kristin Olliney and Isabella

"She’s come really far … but she has a long journey ahead of her, but we’ll take that together, too."

In 2010, Kristin Olliney and her daughter Isabella's lives were changed forever when Isabella came down with sudden acute encephalitis, which caused brain damage. Despite the number of challenges they face every day, Isabella and her mother face them head on and work on her rehabilitation every day.

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The Brain Injury Assocation of Massachusetts advocates for legislation to prevent brain injuries, including seat belt and helmet laws, and for support services for brain injury survivors. Our legislative successes would not be possible without the hard work of individuals across the state.

BIA-MA's Legislative Successes:

  • Hutchinson v. Patrick Class Action Settlement (2008).
  • Supported passage of Shaken Baby Syndrome Law.
  • Instrumental in passage of secondary Seat Belt Law.
  • Established HITS, the Head Injuury Treatment Services Trust Fund, financed by surcharges on drunk driving and speeding.
  • Instrumental in the establishment of the Statewide Head Injury Program (SHIP), which funds community-based and other support servies for persons with traumatic brain injury.

Gaps in Brain Injury Services Identified in Statewide Commission Report:

Gaps in services for survivors of brain injury in Massachusetts were identified in a report released by a statewide Brain Injury Commission. Under the bipartisan leadership of Senator Harriette L. Chandler (D-Worcester) and Representation Kimberly Ferguson (R-Holden). Members of the commission included representatives from healthcare, state government, and the private sector.

The final report was written in collaboration with the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts (BIA-MA). Observed gaps in services include: case management services, day programs, social/recreation services, post-acute rehabilitation services, MassHealth PCA services, technical assistance, transportation, and other services needs.

Read the full 2014 Massachusetts Brain Injury Commission Report.


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