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"Your life can change in an instant, and an instant can last forever."

On a January morning, in 2014, Gary Brennan was involved in a motorvehicle accident and in that moment Gary’s life changed in an instant, an instant that has changed him forever. Surviving the accident but sustaining a TBI, Gary began his road to recovery, soon realizing that the Gary after the accident wasn’t the same Gary as before the accident, endearingly earning him the nickname "Gary 2.0" from his family.

"In a very real way BIA-MA has contributed to my rehabilitation. It's important to be with the people who speak your language," says Gary, now a BIA-MA support group leader. He shares his mantra with his groups, "…accept the person you are today." 

Please consider Gary’s journey and the journey of so many others, whose lives changed in an instant, by making a donation to the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts.  With your kind donation, BIA-MA will continue to provide important prevention, education, advocacy and support initiatives to thousands like Gary 2.0!

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