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Joanne Susi

"My life is separated into before and after. Before, I was a Senior Clinical Research Associate assisting in clinical trails with CAP working with Dana Farber, Tufts, Johns Hopkins, and others in Cancer research. Now I am a survivor and lucky to be alive". Read Kristin's story

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2017 Annual Conference - Handouts

Please click on the Adobe PDF icon next to a workshop name to view or print the handout. If you have trouble downloading or printing the documents, please call (508) 475-0032.


Keynote: Stacia Bissell and Katya Bowen Workshop A Handout
Session 1: 10:30-12:00  
1. Concussion: Look into the Eyes Workshop A Handout
2. Clinical Challenges, Support Needs, and Emerging Practices: The Massachusetts Residential ABI-Waiver  
3. What You Need to Know About Going Back to Work Workshop A HandoutWorkshop A Handout
4. Medications and Falls Workshop A Handout
5. The Stress of Caring for Others in Your Life: What's in Your Toolbox to Stay Healthy?  
6. Functional Recovery: A Residential Recovery Overview Workshop A Handout
7. 360 Thinking: A New Model for Remediating Executive Function Skills  
8. Understanding Your Own Brain Can Impact Care and Understanding for Others Workshop A Handout
9. MassHealth's Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Waivers: Opportunities for Community Living for ABI Survivors Workshop A Handout
10. Why Less is More: Cognitive and Executive Functioning Aids Workshop A Handout
Session 2: 1:15-2:45  
11. Total Health for Chronic Moderate to Severe Brain Injury Workshop A Handout
12. An Empowering Movement-Based Approach for those who Support Survivors Workshop A Handout
13. This is Your Brain (and Body) on Music Workshop A Handout
14. Spasticity Management: Optimizing Function and Care  
15. Navigating Your Relationships Through the ABI Storm Workshop A Handout
16. Meditation and the Brain  
17. Life After Transition into the Community Workshop A Handout
18. Difficult Conversations in Serious Illness Situations Workshop A Handout
19. TBI and Dementia Workshop A Handout
20. Engaged to Empower: Beyond our Words  
Session 3: 3:00-4:30  
21. Laugh for the Health of It: Creating Therapeutic Laughter for Brain Injury Survivors  
22. Technology, Frequency, and Personalization: A Winning Combination for Brain Injury Rehabilitation  
23. Brain Injury and Substance Use Disorders: Understanding the Complexity of Co-occurring Disorders to Provide Effective, Evidence-Based Treatment Workshop A Handout
24.Tai Chi: A Guided Interactive Meditation
25. Workshop Cancelled  
26. The Utility of a Comprehensive Neuropsychological Examination Workshop A Handout
27. Understanding and Approaching Hoarding Behavior due to TBI Workshop A Handout
28. Transitioning from Long Term Care to Community "Residential" Living Workshop A Handout
29. An Overview of Vestibular Dysfunction and Rehabilitation in Individuals with Brain Injury Workshop A Handout