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Joanne Susi

"I lost consciousness in the helicopter and I remember thinking I was dead, and that this was the end…then nothing,” Jim has no memory of his time in the hospital during his stroke, but came out the other side dedicated to fight his way back. And fight he did!
Read Jim's story.

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2017 Annual Conference - Handouts

Please click on the Adobe PDF icon next to a workshop name to view or print the handout. If you have trouble downloading or printing the documents, please call (508) 475-0032.


Keynote: Stacia Bissell and Katya Bowen Workshop A Handout
Session 1: 10:30-12:00  
1. Concussion: Look into the Eyes Workshop A Handout
2. Clinical Challenges, Support Needs, and Emerging Practices: The Massachusetts Residential ABI-Waiver  
3. What You Need to Know About Going Back to Work Workshop A HandoutWorkshop A Handout
4. Medications and Falls Workshop A Handout
5. The Stress of Caring for Others in Your Life: What's in Your Toolbox to Stay Healthy?  
6. Functional Recovery: A Residential Recovery Overview Workshop A Handout
7. 360 Thinking: A New Model for Remediating Executive Function Skills  
8. Understanding Your Own Brain Can Impact Care and Understanding for Others Workshop A Handout
9. MassHealth's Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Waivers: Opportunities for Community Living for ABI Survivors Workshop A Handout
10. Why Less is More: Cognitive and Executive Functioning Aids Workshop A Handout
Session 2: 1:15-2:45  
11. Total Health for Chronic Moderate to Severe Brain Injury Workshop A Handout
12. An Empowering Movement-Based Approach for those who Support Survivors Workshop A Handout
13. This is Your Brain (and Body) on Music Workshop A Handout
14. Spasticity Management: Optimizing Function and Care  
15. Navigating Your Relationships Through the ABI Storm Workshop A Handout
16. Meditation and the Brain  
17. Life After Transition into the Community Workshop A Handout
18. Difficult Conversations in Serious Illness Situations Workshop A Handout
19. TBI and Dementia Workshop A Handout
20. Engaged to Empower: Beyond our Words  
Session 3: 3:00-4:30  
21. Laugh for the Health of It: Creating Therapeutic Laughter for Brain Injury Survivors  
22. Technology, Frequency, and Personalization: A Winning Combination for Brain Injury Rehabilitation  
23. Brain Injury and Substance Use Disorders: Understanding the Complexity of Co-occurring Disorders to Provide Effective, Evidence-Based Treatment Workshop A Handout
24.Tai Chi: A Guided Interactive Meditation
25. Workshop Cancelled  
26. The Utility of a Comprehensive Neuropsychological Examination Workshop A Handout
27. Understanding and Approaching Hoarding Behavior due to TBI Workshop A Handout
28. Transitioning from Long Term Care to Community "Residential" Living Workshop A Handout
29. An Overview of Vestibular Dysfunction and Rehabilitation in Individuals with Brain Injury Workshop A Handout