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Joanne Susi

"I was suddenly unable to do the things I once injoyed, struggling to come to terms with my injury, frustrated and angry”

Bob's life changed completely in 2013 when he fell two stories while shrink wrapping a boat at the marina where he worked. With the help of his family and BIA-MA,he has found ways to enjoy most of the things he used to, just a little differently. Click here to support BIA-MA efforts in creating better futures for those affected by brain injury.

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2018 Annual Conference - Handouts

Please click on the Adobe PDF icon next to a workshop name to view or print the handout. If you have trouble downloading or printing the documents, please call (508) 475-0032.

Keynote: Jordan Burnham  
Session 1: 10:30-12:00  
1. Evidence Based Interactions to Improve Walking Speed and Function Workshop A Handout
2. Establishing Positive Relationships and Enjoying Sexuality after Traumatic Brain Injury  
3. Top 10 Apps Used by College Students with TBI Workshop 3
4. Incorporating Mental Imagery into Brain Injury Rehabilitation Workshop A Handout
5. Brain Injury Community Center: A New Model of Day Services  
6. Acute vs. Chronic TBI: Factors that Impact Functional Improvements Workshop A Handout
7. Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) Independence Program: A Community-Based Integrated Model of Care for Post 9/11 Veterans  
8. Feed Your Brain: Nutrition and its Role in Brain Injury Recovery Workshop A Handout
9. Live More, Stress Less - Living Your BEST Life: From Surviving to THRIVING!  
10. The Healing Arts: Rehabilitation Through Creative Expression  
Session 2: 1:15-2:45  
11. The Hidden Victims of Traumatic Brain Injuries: Women Subjected to Intimate Partner Violence  
12. Therapeutic Intervention - Life After Injury  
13. Physical and Cognitive Rehabilitation for Military Services Members and Veterans Following TBI  
14. Ambiguous Loss: Living Well with it, Supporting Others in It Workshop A Handout
15. Functional Neurology: Assessment and Treatment of Post-Concussion Syndrome Workshop 15
16. Successful Cognitive-Communication Rehabilitation for Young Individuals with Acquired Brain Injury Workshop A Handout
17. Interventions for Vision Impairments Post Brain Injury: Use of Prisms and Exercises Workshop A Handout
18. Impact of Patterned Functional Electrical Stimulation for Neuro-rehabilitation and Enhanced Functional Outcomes  
19. Tailing Technological Rehabilitation to the Patient and to the Clinician:  
20. Nursing Home to the Community: Peer Mentors Making the Difference Workshop A Handout
Session 3: 3:00-4:30  
21. Cancelled  
22. Pay Attention or You Might Forget (Attention and Memory Skill Strategies) Workshop A Handout
23. Managing Challenging Behavior Related to Acquired Brain Injury  
24. Putting the Marriage Back Together After an ABI Workshop A Handout
25. Addressing Visual Dysfunction in Concussion/TBI  
26. Integrating the Peripheral and Central Mechanism of Pain with a Movement-Based Biopsychosocial Approach Workshop A Handout
27. Introducing Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine: How it Benefits Brain Injury Survivors  
28. MassHealth's Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Waivers: Think Outside the Facility  
29. Creative Expression: Healing Through Personal Expression, Social Connections and Greater Purpose Workshop A Handout
30. Veterans and Their Families: How to Welcome Them into Our Support Groups Workshop A Handout