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Kristin Olliney and Isabella

"She’s come really far ‚Ķ but she has a long journey ahead of her, but we’ll take that together, too."

In 2010, Kristin Olliney and her daughter Isabella's lives were changed forever when Isabella came down with sudden acute encephalitis, which caused brain damage. Despite the number of challenges they face every day, Isabella and her mother face them head on and work on her rehabilitation every day.

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Included below are some of the many stories and press releases written about BIA-MA and the Association's work over the past several years. Perhaps, the most powerful voices of the Association are those of the many survivors and families who share their stories of hope and courage. These are covered in the features that newspapers and other media produce regularly.

BIA-MA Manager of Prevention Programs BJ Williams Speaks About Concussions


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BIA-MA produces a quarterly newsletter, Heads Up Headlines, that is available free of charge to all BIA-MA members. Past issues of the newsletter can be found below. To enlarge the font, click on the copy.

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