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Joanne Susi

"My life is separated into before and after. Before, I was a Senior Clinical Research Associate assisting in clinical trails with CAP working with Dana Farber, Tufts, Johns Hopkins, and others in Cancer research. Now I am a survivor and lucky to be alive". Read Kristin's story

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Kevin Lambert

Veterans need to be educated about brain injury and BIA-MA does a great job with that...

Kevin Lambert is an Army combat veteran who returned from Iraq in December 2006 with a serious injury to his spine, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and a mild brain injury.

As an outreach coordinator for the Statewide Advocacy for Veterans’ Empowerment (SAVE) program through the Massachusetts Department of Veterans’ Services, Kevin now reaches out to other returning veterans.
“Our mission is to make sure veterans receive the services they need,” explains Kevin.

“One way we do that is through our collaboration with BIA-MA. The Association helps people find the medical professionals and the treatments they need. They also offer vital support to brain injury survivors through a number of programs and activities, and even have a link to a MySpace page for veterans on their website.”

“When I meet a veteran with a brain injury, I tell them about my brain injury and how important it is to get information and seek help. I also urge family members to ask questions. Sometimes they’re the first to know that something isn’t right.”

For the past two years, BIA-MA has been working with SAVE and other state and federal veteran groups to develop programs to reach veterans with TBI and their families. Together, they have created billboards, postcards, flyers, and other materials which have been distributed at conferences, outreach centers, military events, workshops, colleges, and festivals by groups such as SAVE.

In 2008, BIA-MA partnered with a number of veterans organizations for a Flag Day Festival in Worcester, an outreach effort designed to honor veterans and their families and to provide resources and information about everything from employment and housing to rehabilitation services.

Kevin attended the event, talking to fellow veterans, handing out information, and supporting BIA-MA as it reached out to veterans.


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