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Kristin Olliney and Isabella

"She’s come really far … but she has a long journey ahead of her, but we’ll take that together, too."

In 2010, Kristin Olliney and her daughter Isabella's lives were changed forever when Isabella came down with sudden acute encephalitis, which caused brain damage. Despite the number of challenges they face every day, Isabella and her mother face them head on and work on her rehabilitation every day.

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Think A-Head

think_aheadThink A-Head is a dynamic school-based program that has been teaching students to avoid risk-taking behavior and develop healthy living habits for nearly 20 years. This curriculum is tailored to the age of the students and to the specific needs of the school and community.

BIA-MA has completely revamped Think A-Head to be a more effective educational and prevention tool. We now offer three distinct programs, Think A-Head for elementary students (Grades 1-4), middle school students (Grades 5-8), and high school students (Grades 9-12). Our updated Think A-Head programs are accompanied with engaging content and interactive activities for all students.

The revamped, redesigned Think A-Head program focuses on these core issues:

  • Brain Injury: general knowledge of the brain, brain injuries, high-risk groups and behaviors

  • Recess and Playground Safety: ways in which students can stay safe playing outside and on playground equipment

  • Pedestrian and Helmet Safety: ways to stay safe when walking and riding a bike

  • Seatbelts: the benefits of using them and the detriments of not using them

  • Drugs and Alcohol: an in-depth discussion on how different types of drugs affect the teenage body and brain

  • Impaired Driving: how alcohol affects driving, the dangers of impaired driving (texting and driving) and the increased risk of sustaining a traumatic brain injury

  • Concussions: focusing on sports concussions; signs and symptoms, and information on what to do in the case of a suspected concussion

Thanks to a generous gift from the Sarah W. Rollins Charitable Trust, BIA-MA is able to offer this redesigned Think A-Head program at a discounted fee of $75 for the first program and $25 for each additional program held at your school on the same day. Think A-Head aims to inform and engage students and equip them age appropriate knowledge so that they can make healthy and informed choices as they mature and grow.

Read what people are saying about Think A-Head:

Helmets are a no-brainer, Worcester Telegram & Gazette, July 11, 2010

Student drinking 'still major issue,' Worcester Telegram & Gazette, April 30, 2010

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Spring 2014 Concussion Video Contest Winner !

The Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts thanks Sharon High School for their help educating the community with prevention and awareness of brain injury.

Importance of Reporting Brain Injuries

Soccer Practice and Brain Injuries

If you hit your head . . .


Fall 2014 Contest Winner !

Please see below video submission from Lowell High School about educating the community with prevention and awareness for brain injury.